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 Sarfraz Latif

Professional qualifications
CPSP  College of Physician and Surgeon Pakistan
Fully Trained Specialist (Otolaryngology) Certificate No OTO-04-6378.
Medical Qualifications
2004      FCPS ENT. College of physician and surgeon pakistan
1996  MBBS.  Quaid azam Medical College Bahawalpur Pakistan. 
Basic Qualification
Bsc (Bachelor of Science) islamia university bahalwalpur Pakistan
Fsc (O level) Govt degree college okara Pakistan
Matric (A level) Govt islamia high school pakistan

Professional memberships
·         Fellow of college of physician and surgeon Pakistan
·         Member Hospital Consultants & Specialists Association
·         Member of saarc society of ENT surgeon
·         Member of society of ENT surgeon Pakistan
·         Member of society of head & neck surgeon
·         Member Facial Plastic Surgery Group

Govt practice affiliation
Assistant professor Federal post graduate medical institute & sheikh khalefa bin alnehan medical college Lahore Pakistan   
Affiliated hospital
Consultant ENT surgeon sheikh zayed hospital Lahore Pakistan.

Independent practice
Private Practice Office
Rasheed hospital, 2-Aibak block Main Boulevard, New garden town Lahore Pakistan.

Clinical practice in ENT
·         Private and Govt practice, adults and children
·         Until 2009, approx 2,000 new referrals &  follow-up patients seen per year.
·         specialist opinion provided on the full spectrum of ENT disorders
·         Until 2009, approx j500 ENT surgical operations performed per year, in both private and govt sector

Specialist skills
General Otolaryngology (Adult & Paediatric)
Otology (including complex middle ear surgery, stapes surgery
·         over 400 major middle ear operations completed
·         published results of tympanoplasty
Rhinology (including functional endoscopic sinus surgery and cosmetic rhinoplasty)
·         more than thousand routine nasal procedures since 1998
·         approx 400 FESS operations since 2004only six cases with miner orbital complication encountered treated conservatively.; , no long term sequelae) no serious other  complications
·         cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty regularly performed more than 100 since 2007 .mostly with  extrenal approach

Head & Neck Surgery
·         diagnostic procedures including laryngoscopy, pharyngo-oesophagoscopy, biopsies, fine needle aspirations regularly performed
·         patients requiring cancer treatment are referred to multidisciplinary teams
·         total laryngectomy  neck dissections, submandibular gland, , thyroglossal cyst excisions regularly performed with good results
Facial Plastic Surgery
·         experienced in both internal and external rhinoplasty techniques
·         functional and cosmetic procedures carried out regularly
·         skilled use of rigid and fibreoptic endoscopes
·         microlaryngsocpy including vocal cord augmentation injection
·         functional endoscopic sinus surgery regularly performed.

Clinical excellence
This section is written as a narrative in the first person as I feel that the heart and soul of being a good doctor cannot and should not be reduced to a series of bullet points......
My approach to professional excellence is simple.   I treat people as I would like members of my own family to be treated.  I do the very best I can  for every patient referred to me.  I am approachable, friendly, and try to establish empathy early in a consultation.  I believe in "getting it right first time".  This means more than getting the diagnosis right.  It means finding out what the patient hopes for and expects from treatment, and explaining the limitations and risks of surgery.  Having explained treatment options in terms I hope the patient can understand, I check they have understood it.  My policy is complete openness and honesty.  I know my own strengths and limitations.  I don't hesitate to discuss difficult problems with colleagues, and refer on when necessary.  Though lucky enough to have "a good pair of hands" I always strive to improve my surgical skills.  In theatre, I am a meticulous operator, though not one of the quickest.  For emergencies, I am always available when on-call, and do not hesitate to come in even when not on-call if there is a problem with one of my patients.  In clinics and in theatre, I stay as long as it takes.  I am grateful to all the colleagues I worked with during my five years of excellent postgraduate training in ENT- including over 8 individual consultants in three busy departments. This gave me broad clinical experience and a sound basis for further professional development. I am now in my 7th year of independent practice, and have built on this foundation a wealth of clinical experience and judgement, learned mostly from my patients, to whom I am most grateful for entrusting me with their lives and wellbeing.

Teaching & training skills
·         Practical scientific & medical teaching since 2004.
·         Skills in formal tutorials, lectures, marking written work & viva voce examinations since 2004.
·         Formal & informal teaching to students, medical colleagues and colleagues from professions allied to medicine throughout career
·         Regular one-to-one teaching of junior medical staff in out-patients and operating theatres
·         Coaching of junior colleagues for postgraduate examinations
·         Numerous regional and, national  presentations .
·         Lectures and demonstrations on regional and, national courses.
·         Regarded as a good public speaker (evidenced by formal and informal feedback following presentations)
·         Current  coexaminer & mentor Postgraduate Diploma in ENT course (for GP's with Special Interest)

Career history
ENT Training
1996  =1998
House surgeon  , Department of E.N.T. Bahawal Victoria Hospital Bahawalpur.
1998 -1999
ENT Registrar  Department of E.N.T..Bahawl Victoria hospital Bahawalpur
1999  -2004
Trainee registerar  Department of E.N.T &Head and Neck surgery  Shiakh zayed Hospital  Lahore Pakistan .
2004 -2006
Medical officier  Department of E.N.T &Head and neck surgery   Shiakh zayed Hospital  Lahore Pakistan .
2006 -2010
Senior Registerar   Department of E.N.T &Head and Neck  surgery   Shiakh Zayed  Hospital   Lahore  Pakistan.
2010  -to date
Assistant professor  Department of E.N.T &Head and neck surgery  Shaikh Zayed  hospital Lahore Pakistan.

Courses attended.
Temporal bone dissection course(  hands on )Agha Khan University  Karachi Pakistan   March 2006.
FESS Hands on Course Dow university Karachi  2007 May.
Art of rhinoplasty course hands On   San Francisco  CA. November 2008.
Temporal bone hands on dissection course .Dow  university  Karachi.2009.
Clinical observership  at  university of Pennsylvania 2010.
Temporal bone dissection Hands on  course  at university of Michigan .2010.
Current issus in management of air way  Alnehda hospital  Oman Muscat. 2011.
Head and neck hands on course  at Alnehda  hospital   Oman Muscat .2011


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